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Our poets represent world poetry today

Ban'ya Natsuishi

Poet and director of the World Haiku Association from Japan

to our displeasure, the history of some people, like the Hazara's is often distorted or destroyed. The Hazara people of central Asia overlapped various cultures; they enriched our civilization. Here we ardently dedicate our various poems in various languages to encourage the Hazara to restore their honor.- Kabul Press

Khal Torabully

Poet from France and Mauritania

The Hazara, as a people have survived ruthless oppression. As natural poets they have flown the colorful kites of life ... Too often, they have travelled in wordlessness. But the time has come to castigate the plight of the voiceless. Poetry, the soul of their language, has travelled with them, across all borders. - Kabul Press

Beppe Costa

Poet from Italy

Centoventi poeti riconosciuti a livello internazionale e provenienti da sessantotto paesi diversi hanno partecipato ad un progetto di poesia sul popolo Hazara, dalla raccolta di queste poesie è nata un'antologia che rimarrà probabilmente nella storia della letteratura mondiale.- beppe-costa.blogspot.it

Etnairis Ribera

Poet from Puerto Rico

Poems for the hazara is a powerful book of brave and pacifists’ writers! Poetry represents suffering humanity and compassionate humanity who decide to bring the blossoming beauty of peace and love to stop violence and heal the world from war. A moving reading through the universal tongue of poetry not to be missed.

Kamran Mir Hazar

Poet from Hazaristan and Norway

Winston Morales Chavarro

Poet from Colombia

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